We Now Offer Curbside Pickup!

We now offer curbside pick-up (delivery has always been an option with us)! This is a great way to make your selections and have us pull them together for you. You will pay online, simply pull up to a designated spot, we will load your items, and you can head back home to start your gardening project. Thanks for your patients with us as this is a new service for us.

Below you will find PDFs of our inventory currently available for most categories in our Garden Center. Peruse the lists, then give us a call with the item number and quantity desired for each item. Minimum order for delivery is $25.00. Please note that not all items listed may be in stock. Be mindful that some items you requested may have been purchased since these lists were updated. We will attempt to update in-stock items and quantity number as often as possible. If you have any questions about what is listed, please call us at 978-372-4780.

Once we receive your order, we will pull all your items together, send you an email with your total and take payment over the phone. After that, you may pick up your order during the pick-up time you selected. If you prefer, we can deliver your order, a delivery fee will be added to your total.

Thank you and Happy Gardening!

Inventory Lists

Please note: availability, price and size may vary.

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