Loam, Compost & Mulch

We make our own compost at Rogers Spring Hill Farm!


Start your gardens off with the right loam and compost. Loam is used as soil amendment and as top soil for lush green lawns, successful and beautiful shrubs, trees and flowers. Because farm screened loam is rich in minerals your plantings get the nutrition they need.

A compost and loam mixture adds a natural component to bring out the best in plantings and lawn.

Loam: Our loam is 100% FARM loam screened through a 1/2″ screener. It is high grade, quality and PH balanced.
Compost: PH 6.8-7.3. We make our own compost on our farm and is screened through a 1/2″ screener. Our compost is made up of yard waste, horse & cow manure.
Compost/Loam Mix: Our loam/compost mixed at a 50/50 ratio.

Bark Mulch helps retain moisture, keeps weeds down, and adds beauty to your yard.

All the varieties are available by-the-yard. Bark mulch is also available by-the-bag.

Hemlock: 100% pure Hemlock
Premium Mix: 60% hemlock / 40% pine-spruce mix $38.00/yard
Colored Red Cedar:  Colored Enhanced
Classic Mix: 50% pine / 50% spruce mix
Playground Mulch: soft landing playground chips $40.00/yard
Sweet Peet®: Premium mulch for flower and vegetable gardens. 100% organic.
Midnight Black:  Colored Enhanced
Dark Bark:  Enriching mulch. Pine/spruce with compost $43.00/yard


Other Bulk Products:

Sod: each strip = 10 SF (2′ x 5′)  
1000+ SF $5.99
under 1000 SF $5.99
*Pallet deposit $11.00
3/4″ Crushed Stone

3/4″ Crushed Blue $32.00/yard
Stone Dust: For use as top layer under pavers, not best but common.
Coarse Sand: For use under pavers. $36.00/yard
Stone Base: For use as first layer under pavers.
RAP $35.00/yard
Fill $12.00/yard
Tailings $5.00/yard
Decorative Pea Stone (3/8″)
Crushed Pea Stone (3/8″) $45.00/yard
Woodchips $15.00/yard
1 1/2″ Multi Tan Round Stone

1 1/2″ Crushed Stone

A cubic yard covers 100 sq. ft. 3″ deep; an area of 10′ x 10′

Soil Amendments (bagged)

  • Moo Products
  • Coast of Maine
  • MNLA Fertilizers
  • Jolly Gardner
  • Miracle Grow
  • Johnathon Green Fertilizers
  • Espoma Fertilizers