Water Gardening

Water Gardening & Aquatic Plants

tropical water lily

Water adds qualities to the landscape that are virtually impossible to duplicate in any other form. Water can be calming, providing a gentle reflection of the world around it, or it can be a splashing, riotous point of interest. It can be contained in a small space, such as a backyard birdbath or a small barrel that is home to a few flashing goldfish. Or it can spread wide and deep in pools and ponds of infinite dimension. Nothing quite captures the imagination like water. And for the gardener who has learned to “cultivate” it, water can change the focus and shape of the landscape. The water garden becomes the focus from which other design elements-trees, plants, paths and statuary-radiate.Siting Your Water Feature

Although an open, sunny location away from buildings and overhanging trees will provide the best conditions for most aquatic plants, this placement may not be possible in many mature landscapes. There are other important aspects to consider as well, such as where you will most often view the feature. Will it be from a bench on an outdoor patio, or will you spend most of your time gazing at it from an easy chair in the living room? Take into account how the water feature will look and how it will relate to the rest of your landscape during the four seasons. It’s a good idea to spend some time considering placement of the feature before developing your initial plans.

If you are thinking about incorporating water into your present landscape, we’ve got a few helpful tips:

  • Plan first, plant second. As with any project it’s important to have a detailed plan to guide you.
  • Site selection can mean the difference between success and failure.
  • Professional advice will lead to great results. Once you have a basic idea of what you want to accomplish, we can help you design your feature and advise you on plant choices and placement.
  • The right plant for the right spot. Let the requirements of each plant determine where the plant belongs in your garden.
  • Pay attention to details in installation.
  • Planned maintenance will mean years of enjoyment. Regular care of your water feature or garden will keep it looking neat and greatly extend its life.