Daylilies are dependable and easy to grow perennials. Their blooms are prolifica colorful bloomers, and their color range and height variation allows them to fill a variety of garden niches. Daylilies are tolerant of drought and flooding, immune to heat stress, tolerant of most soils and grow well in full sun or light shade.

Relatively free of pests, daylilies make a carefree addition to the garden. Different varieties of daylilies can be in bloom from late spring until autumn. Individual flowers last only one day, but since each plant produces many buds, the total blooming time of a well-established clump may be 30 to 40 days. Many varieties have more than one flowering period.

Daylilies are used for color in shrub borders and in perennial beds. They are excellent ground covers on slopes. Once established, their roots will help prevent erosion. Small cultivars can be planted in containers. Daylilies are easy to divide into many locations in your gardens.