Landscape Design

“We also make house calls when needed”
For addressing multiple issues specific to your site or your existing plantings. A designer will walk the site, take photos and recommend solutions. Additional digital or drawn renderings will be priced seperately.

Level 1: Garden Coach Site Visit – Perfect for the “Do-It-Yourselfer”

Great for small areas such as:

  • Front foundation planting
  • Pool side landscaping
  • Property boundaries
  • Multiple small areas.

May also include digital rendering for extra fee.

Level 2 : Hand Drawn Master Design

A list of reputable landscapers will be provided for you to contact directly.

For larger projects, or where it may be important to see the relationships between elements of your property, this results in a scaled diagram showing:

  • Identify existing shrubs
  • Rehabilitate an older landscape
  • Discuss plant solutions for problem areas
  • Have measurements and photos taken
  • Quoted out per site

Level 3: Digital Design

Rogers Spring Hill designers will handle your entire project. They organize and manage all aspects of the job.

  • The existing elements of your property (house, drive, pool, patio, etc.)
  • New or existing bed lines
  • Proposed trees and shrubs identified and priced

Bring in a picture of the area to be designed along with measurements and sun exposure and a member of our design team will create a digital rendering which shows what your finished landscape will look like. A list of plants to be used and pricing.