Landscape Design

“We also make house calls when needed”
For addressing multiple issues specific to your site or your existing plantings. A designer will walk the site, take photos and recommend solutions. Additional digital or drawn renderings will be priced separately.

One Hour On-Site Consultation with Hand Sketch

The one-hour consultation will consist of a walkthrough of your property with planting suggestions. A hand sketched planting plan will be created for one section of your property. An example of a section to be sketched would be the front foundation of your house. Estimated price for one section to be sketched and the consultation is $250. Additional areas can be sketched for an additional price. Payment is due the day of the consultation.

Professional Landscape Plan 

The professional landscape plan consists of a 24” by 36” landscape plan created with Dynascape Landscape Software. You will get a color plan, a black and white plan, pictures of the plants, and a plant list with recommended sizes. Estimated price range for an average sized yard is $500 to $1,200. (Note: larger properties can be over the $1,200 range) A 50% deposit is required to get on the design schedule.

3D Video of the Landscape Plan 

The 3D video of your landscape plan consists of a MP4 video of your property, that shows lifelike concept of your project. The 3D video is created with Sketchup and Rendered with Lumion. The 3D video is recommended for clients that need help visualizing their project. An estimated price range for an average sized yard 3D video is $1,200 to $1,800 depending on the size of the project.