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A delightful summer bloomer whose fragrant white flowers spikes grace this clumping shrub come late July and August. Glossy leaves, yellow fall color and ornamental seedheads in winter. Tolerates wet soil.  Attracts butterflies. Height 5-6 ft+. Sun to partial shade.

Walking Stick

The walking stick tree is an unusual plant that is bushy and has distinctive, twisting branches that give it a unique appearance, especially in the winter when the leaves drop off. The walking stick is striking at any time, but particularly so when it has a wall or solid fence as a backdrop.

Echinacea (Coneflower)

These plants are easy-to-grow and bloom heavily from summer to fall. They are drought tolerant and long-lasting, with magnificent displays of large daisy shaped flowers with coned centers.

Featured Shrub: Twist and Shout Hydrangea

Like all plants in the Endless Summer® Collection, Twist-n-Shout produces abundant blooms on both old and new wood all summer long. Lacy deep-pink centers are surrounded by gorgeous blossoms of pink or periwinkle blue, depending on soil type. Sturdy red stems and glossy deep green leaves turn red-burgundy in fall to offer year-round interest in the garden. Easy to care for and hardy to zone 4, Twist-n-Shout is an elegant stand-alone specimen, dramatic in combination with other plants, and compact enough for containers. To read more about this gorgeous hydrangea, click here to visit the Endless Summer® website!

Great Rose: Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

This Weeks floribunda – in a smoky lavender & rusty red-orange blend is a seedling of Weeks’ Julia Child and puts a whole new spin on ‘flower power’.  The clusters of blooms never stop poppin’ open on this powerfully flowerful Floribunda.  Mysteriously colored & deliriously novel…it’s an indescribable blending of smoked lavender & rusty red-orange.  Yet it’s perfectly blendable with any color in the garden, whether it’s atop a rose tree, planted in mass or nestled amongst your favorite perennials.  The super-clean glossy-green foliage mirrors the flowers, adding even more pizazz to this bushy rounded flower factory.

  • Height / Habit: Medium / Rounded & bushy
  • Bloom / Size: Large, ruffled, double
  • Petal count: About 25
  • Parentage: Topsy Turvy x Julia Child
  • Fragrance: Moderate sweet apple
  • Hybridizer: Carruth – 2009
  • Comments: Smokier when it’s cool outside.

Even with a cast of thousands to compete for attention, 2009 winner “Cinco de Mayo”  stands out with the confidence of a woman who knows who she is and isn’t afraid to show-off.  This floribunda flaunts its flirty fiesta flowers. The colors of its petals swirl like the clouds of a thunderstorm at sunset. Russet reds, mellow lavenders: they layer and mingle like the colors of sunset on the Mexican Riviera just as brightness succumbs to seductive darkness. This is a rose which is the floral equivalent of Selma Hayak. – Lydia Plunk Garden Writer